2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Pacific (Ore.) vs. PUGET SOUND
  Date: Nov 03, 2013 • Site: Tacoma, Wash.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [90:00].
[84:56]  PAC substitution: Ebadpour, Babeck for Kaminsky, Nicolas.
 Corner kick by PAC Mandujano, Jorge [84:21].
[83:09]  PAC substitution: Rodriguez, Erick for Rudella, Nick.
[82:15]  UPS substitution: Sonico, Josh for Ryan, Sean.
[82:15]  UPS substitution: Chang, Theisen for Miller, Stewart.
[80:52]  PAC substitution: Yates, Daniel for Pinto, Nick.
[80:52]  UPS substitution: Richmond, Lael for LaFerriere, Connor.
[78:34]  PAC substitution: Yogi, Elan for Manago, Scott.
[77:30]  UPS substitution: Ryan, Sean for McCluskey, Vincent.
[77:30]  UPS substitution: Agha, Kenechi for Swope, Carson.
[77:06]  Shot by PAC Pinto, Nick HIGH.
[75:49]  Kirsch, Daniel at goalie for PUGET SOUND.
[75:49]  UPS substitution: Sandblom, Luke for Durland, Matthew.
[75:49]  UPS substitution: Kirsch, Daniel for King, Nathan.
 *long shot from 25+ yards out
PUGET SOUND 3, Pacific (Ore.) 0
[75:49]  GOAL by UPS McCluskey, Vincent, Assist by LaFerriere, Connor, goal number 6 for season.
 Corner kick by UPS Bereziartua, Eneko [74:37].
[74:09]  UPS substitution: Miller, Stewart for Chang, Theisen.
[73:27]  Offside against PUGET SOUND.
[73:07]  UPS substitution: Rash, Ryan for Zisette, Sam.
[72:31]  Shot by PAC Manago, Scott WIDE.
[71:01]  PAC substitution: Rudella, Nick for Farley, Ian.
[69:38]  PAC substitution: McNamara, Kellan for Hughes, Devin.
[69:38]  PAC substitution: Manago, Scott for Love, Quitin.
[68:44]  Shot by UPS Zisette, Sam, SAVE Cohen, Zach.
 *17 with the cross from near side, 17 knocks it down and finishes on fa
PUGET SOUND 2, Pacific (Ore.) 0
[66:54]  GOAL by UPS LaFerriere, Connor, Assist by Zisette, Sam, goal number 2 for season.
[66:13]  UPS substitution: Durland, Matthew for Campanelli, Nicholas.
 Foul on Pacific (Ore.).
[62:07]  UPS substitution: Chang, Theisen for Ryan, Sean.
[62:03]  Shot by PAC Farley, Ian WIDE.
[61:22]  Yellow card on PAC Mandujano, Jorge.
 Foul on Pacific (Ore.).
[60:01]  Yellow card on PAC Passas, Jake.
 Foul on Pacific (Ore.).
[59:11]  Shot by PAC Knowles, Garrick BLOCKED.
[57:28]  PAC substitution: Knowles, Garrick for Knowles, Garrison.
[57:28]  UPS substitution: LaFerriere, Connor for Reyes, Brandon.
[57:28]  UPS substitution: Zisette, Sam for Field, Oliver.
 Foul on Pacific (Ore.).
 Foul on Pacific (Ore.).
 Foul on Pacific (Ore.).
[48:40]  Shot by UPS Reyes, Brandon HIGH.
 For UPS: #28 Field, Oliver, #7 Ryan, Sean, #6 Campanelli, Nicholas, #12 Swope, Carson, #14 McCluskey, Vincent, #24 Bereziartua, Eneko, #21 Reyes, Brandon, #15 McIntosh, Colin, #2 Leslie, David, #1 King, Nathan, #11 Cleveland, Geoffrey.
 For PAC: #10 Farley, Ian, #12 Passas, Jake, #15 Pinto, Nick, #21 Shober, Steen, #17 Mandujano, Jorge, #8 Love, Quitin, #4 Nakama, Mason, #18 Kaminsky, Nicolas, #5 Hughes, Devin, #19 Knowles, Garrison, #30 Cohen, Zach.
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].