Faculty Sabbatical Technology Checklist

Going on sabbatical? Taking your university laptop? We recommend the following steps to ensure you are ready for an extended absence from campus:

  1. Reset your Puget Sound password if it is due to expire while you are away from campus.
    • We strongly recommend using MyPugetSound to reset your password.
    • Be sure to sign into your laptop with your new password before you leave campus.
  2. Back up important files to your Puget Sound network share.
    • If anything happens to your laptop while you are away, your important files will remain safe on the university’s servers.
  3. Ensure your laptop has the latest software and operating system updates installed.
  4. Check that you have adequate hard drive space available on your laptop.
  5. Ensure you have adequate mailbox space available in your Puget Sound email account.
  6. Resolve any “minor” issues before you leave.
    • Sometimes “minor” or intermittent issues can be symptoms of a larger problem with your laptop, and we’d like to get those fixed well before you leave!
  7. Consider an out of office message for email and an alternate voicemail greeting for your office phone.

Please contact the Technology Service Desk at servicedesk@pugetsound.edu or 253.879.8585 if you have any questions or need assistance!