Purchasing Recommendations and Discounts

Technology Services is pleased to provide recommendations and links to discounted pricing on hardware and software to Puget Sound students, faculty, and staff considering personal technology purchases. Faculty and staff should contact the Service Desk at 253.879.8585 or servicedesk@pugetsound.edu for policies and recommendations on technology purchases using university funds.


Please review our recommended specifications before shopping for a personal computer. We have negotiated special discounted pricing for students, faculty, and staff who wish to purchase personal computers from Apple and Dell.

Technology Services recommends that students do not use “beta” operating systems (operating systems that are still in the testing phase) on their personal computers.  If you choose to install a beta operating system, Technology Services may be unable to resolve issues that you may encounter, including the inability to connect to campus systems, or the loss of data.


To access discounted prices on Apple products:

  1. Go to the Apple Store for Education.
  2. Select your computer and additional items.
  3. You will need to enter an existing Apple ID or create a new one.
  4. Click here to view the Apple Store Terms and Conditions for educational purchasing.


To access discounted prices from Dell, visit the Dell Membership Purchase Program (MPP) or contact Dell MPP Sales at 1.800.695.8133. Please reference Member ID US7900553 to receive your discount when you call in. The Member ID is no longer required for online purchases.

Recommended Specifications

These recommended and minimum configurations are provided only as a guide. You may require a higher-end machine depending on your individual computing needs (e.g., doing significant video editing or graphics work on your computer).

The University of Puget Sound does not specifically endorse either the Windows or Macintosh platform or any specific brands of hardware or software.

Windows Platform

Operating System:  Windows 10 recommended
Memory:  8 GB or more
Hard Drive Size:  250 GB or greater
Wireless: 802.11 A/C

Macintosh Platform

Operating System:  MacOS 10.14 Mojave or higher
Memory:  8 GB or more
Hard Drive Size:  250 GB or greater
Wireless: 802.11 A/C
USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, USB-C


Technology Services has a list of free anti-virus software for students, faculty, and staff to use on personal computers. Students are especially encouraged to use the university's recommended standard anti-virus software that is compatible with other network requirements.

Open source options for word processing and other applications can be found at Open Source Alternative.

Technology Services provides access to standard and instructional software in computer labs for general use. Additional software programs are available for specific class activities in many labs.

Adobe Acrobat Professional

Adobe Acrobat Professional may be acquired by two methods:

Academic Departments

Academic users and departments should first contact the Associate Dean in charge of academic technology to inquire if their position or department is eligible for an Adobe Acrobat Professional license. Please click here for the current Associate Dean information.

If the Associate Dean determines that the position or department is eligible, their office will contact Technology Services and a technician will help with the software installation.

Purchasing Adobe Acrobat Professional

Technology Services can help quote Adobe Acrobat Professional 2020 for users or departments at special academic pricing. Technology Services will arrange the quote then each individual or department will work with the Procurement team to purchase the license by submitting a requisition through PeopleSoft. After the purchase is complete, Technology Services will work with you to install the software and enter the license key information. 

These are perpetual Adobe Acrobat Professional licenses, not subscription-based licenses. 

Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 (Mac / Windows)

Prices accurate as of 09/02/2020. Subject to change without notice.

Printers, Accessories, and Other Resources

The university provides printers in computer labs across campus, so it isn't necessary or recommended for students to purchase and install a personal printer. If you do bring a personal printer, purchase a printer cable to setup direct printing to your laptop as wireless print setup will not be supported. Technology Services discourages wireless printer setup as the printer will cause interruption to other devices (mainly to laptops and phones) trying to maintain a steady connection on the wireless access point in the area. Also a direct installation from your printer to your laptop or other computing devices will maintain the privacy of your printer's information preventing other users to send printouts to your printer.

Contact the Technology Student Support Desk at 253.879.8585 #3 or email ts_support@pugetsound.edu for more information.

The Federal Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires all colleges and universities to publicize legal alternatives for downloading music and video files. See the extensive list of alternatives compiled by EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit association focused on information technology in higher education.


Discounts on Samsung products are available to you by using your Puget Sound email address. Sign up for the education discount program here:


For more information or assistance, contact the Technology Service Desk at 253.879.8585 or servicedesk@pugetsound.edu.

Be Smart and Stay Legal

If you illegally download copyrighted material, you may be subject to criminal and civil penalties. Paying to get legal copies of the music and videos you like is a cheaper way to go!

See the extensive list of legal alternatives for downloading music and video files compiled by EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit association focused on information technology in higher education.

Check out the Logger Store!

Visit the Logger Store in the Wheelock Student Center. The Logger Store carries a selection of computer peripherals and printer supplies.