1 password = less stress

1 password = less stress

Protect Your Password! Technology Services will NEVER ask you to provide your password by email, phone, or remote support. Ignore any email asking for your credentials. Learn more about password requirements and management.

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Email, Administrative, Academic Portals & Print Account Login Access

Puget Sound uses a single sign-on (SSO) authentication. This means you will only need to login using your Puget Sound username and password to gain access to all systems and accounts. 

Webmail is the university's web-base service for receiving and sending Puget Sound email communication.

myPugetSound is the PeopleSoft portal for accessing academic and administrative information.

Canvas is the primary teaching, learning, and collaboration management system. 

G Suite is the university's Google Suite Apps for teaching, learning, and collaboration which provide a variety of tools for classroom success.

vDesk is the virtual desktop server that provides anytime, anywhere access to a wide range of software and tools.

Zoom is another teaching, learning, and video conferencing tool used in the classroom. Students will need to create a basic Zoom account using Puget Sound login credentials in order to gain access and participate in enrolled courses.

PaperCut is a student only portal to view print account balance, submit print jobs, and upload print credits.


For more information on the above topics, see the main Student Technology website and click on the topic's feature block.