Technology-Related Policies

The following policies govern the use of technology at the University of Puget Sound:

  • The Accounts Policy defines electronic account types, describes eligiblility for a Puget Sound Account, lists the policies governing account access, and sets the terms and conditions for deactivation.
  • The Backup and Data Retention Policy defines the backup schedule for servers and data retention periods for employee and student accounts.
  • The Computer Virus Protection Policy states that all computers connecting to the Puget Sound network must run anti-virus software. It provides reasons for this requirement and information on how to obtain free anti-virus software.
  • The Email, Voice Mail, and Network Access Policy governs use of university accounts, computers, and network resources.
  • The Information Use and Security Policy outlines user responsibilities regarding confidentiality and system security.
  • The Network Use Policy covers use of the university network as a shared resource, noting the conditions under which excessive use may result in limited service. It also prohibits the setup of non-approved wireless network equipment.
  • The Non-Academic Usage Policy addresses use of the university network for games and other non-academic traffic, noting the conditions under which such activities are allowed or may be curtailed.
  • The Privacy and Appropriate Use of Resources Policy describes limitations on the expectation of privacy and guidelines for use of university resources.
  • The Space Allocation Policy describes the management and allocation of data storage for email accounts and network shares.
  • The Statement of Computing Ethics defines the expected responsibilities for all users of electronic resources at the University of Puget Sound. All technology-related policies fall under the purview of this policy, and it complements the following policies: Privacy and Appropriate Use of Resources, Information Use and Security, and Email, Voice Mail, and Network Access.
  • The Technology Purchasing and Replacement Policy addresses the considerations involved in the purchase and support of university computers, printers, and other peripheral equipment. It defines the computer replacement timeline, details funding requirements for acquiring computers for new faculty and staff positions, and defines expectations for support from Technology Services.
  • The Technology-Related HEOA Compliance Statement covers the ways in which Technology Services works to address illegal peer-to-peer file sharing of copyrighted works as required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA).
  • The Technology Security Statement details the multi-layered controls implemented by the university to protect the integrity, reliability, and confidentiality of data.