Chain Letter of Debtors

Carletta Carrington Wilson | September 15 - October 24, 2014

Collins Library, in association with the Race & Pedagogy Conference, is pleased to host the installation of chain letter of debtors.  This powerful interactive work will be on display through late October in the entry of the Collins Library.

Excerpt from a "letter" of the interactive installation chain letter of debtors:

chain letter of debtors (2012) is an interactive installation.  This piece is a part of the series, book of the bound which was first exhibited at the Northwest African American Museum, 2012-2013. The work invites the viewer to write a "letter" on a paper link to thank enslaved people for their contribution in the building of this nation, the Americas and throughout the world. Each letter forms a link in a chain, a ghost chain, emblematic of the hold, unseen, yet fastening us the everlasting past that lives in this very present day and time.


A visual and literary artist, Carletta Carrington Wilson’s work has been exhibited at ArtXchange Gallery, The Northwest African American Museum, University of Puget Sound Collins Memorial Library, University of Washington Allen Library, Richland, Washington Public Library, North Seattle Community College Art Gallery, Gallery 110, C Art Gallery, Columbia City Gallery, Coalition Art Gallery and the Onyx Fine Arts Exhibition. Her work can be found in the collection of the Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas, the University of Washington’s Allen Library Book Art Collection, the University of Puget Sound Book Art Collection and the Judith A. Hoffberg Collection of Artists Books at UCLA.  In 2011, Wilson was artist in residence at the James W. Washington Foundation. She is a member of the Onyx Fine Arts Collective and Puget Sound Book Artists.

Carletta Carrington Wilson's works are represented in the Collins Library Special Collections as well as the University of Washington.  Her work combines mixed-media collages that often include found objects, beads, and paper.  The Chain Letter of Debtors is part of the larger series book of the bound.  Collins Library has the following book which is part of the series in our Archives & Special Collections: FIELD, RIVER, LAND, ROOT, part of Wilson's book of the bound series.