Puget Sound Book Artists 5th Annual Members' Exhibition

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Assorted pieces from the exhibit

The fifth annual members’ exhibit of the Puget Sound Book Artists will be held at Collins Memorial Library on the University of Puget Sound campus located in Tacoma, Washington.  The exhibit features 44 handmade books by 28 artists from the Puget Sound area and beyond.

Exhibition dates: Thursday, June 4 – Thursday, July 30, 2015

All events on University of Puget Sound campus

Opening Reception
June 4th 5:30 - 7:00 pm, Collins Library
The recipients of the Collins Library Award, the Curator's Choice Award, and the Recognition of
Excellence Award will be announced at 6:30.  A special thank you is extended to PSBA
member Jessica Spring for contributing a unique keepsake to mark our 5th anniversary.

Conversation with the Artists
June 17th 5:30 - 7:30 pm, Trimble Hall
Artists will discuss the inspiration and creative process associated with one of their featured pieces

The Artist’s Vision: From Idea to Completion
July 16th 5:30 - 7:30 pm, Collins Library, Room 020
A panel discussion open to the public, with a moderator and a select group of PSBA artists.


Artists’ books can be designed using traditional techniques such as printmaking, photography, drawing and painting and with a variety of mediums including fibers, wood, stone, digital media, and calligraphy.  Artists’ books challenge the viewer to confront the notion of what a book should be.  They can narrate a specific story or, without words, reveal their own tale.

Puget Sound Book Artists’ 5th Annual Members’ Exhibition features 44 handmade books by 28 artists. Puget Sound Book Artists is a non-profit organization comprised of professionals and amateurs from all quarters of book, paper, and printing arts, including bookbinders, paper makers, printers, book artists, as well as archivists and conservators, for the purpose of creating a spirit of community among book artists and those who love books.  We strive to increase educational opportunities for private individuals as well as institutions and other organizations, fostering excellence through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and publications dealing with various aspects of the art of the book throughout the year.  Mark Hoppmann, PSBA president said, “The Fifth Puget Sound Book Artists Annual Exhibition exemplifies how much the organization has grown, both in terms of artistic commitment and in the scope of the work created by the artists as we continue our mission to further the knowledge, practice and understanding of the art of the book.”

Gabby Cooksey's piece, "Monsters and Beasts"Some of the artists included in this year’s exhibition offer new perspectives on the art of the book.   Gabby Cooksey, whose delicate illustrations of monsters and beasts are cased in a traditional leather binding and Suze Woolf, who has sandwiched laser-cut pages between slices of rock to evoke canyons of the southwest.  Judy Lynn places paper madeleines made from pages of a novel by Proust into a box made from its cover and Taylor Cox layers letterpress printing and embroidery atop photolithography, merging her grandmother’s journal with scientific data regarding memory loss. Each artist in this exhibition invites the viewer to explore possibilities and come to a new understanding of the book as art.

Suze Woolf's "Rockbound Book: Canyon"                             Judy Lynn's piece, "Madeleines Found"

Suze Woolfe: Rockbound Book:  Canyon                                   Judy Lynn:  Madeleines Found      

Jane Carlin, PSBA vice-president and director of Collins Library said, “To host the 5th exhibit of the PSBA is an honor.  This organization started as a grass roots one to support book artists in Tacoma and the South Sound.  Not only has the organization won the AMOCAT Award, but many members have been selected to exhibit in juried shows and have had their work published.” Carlin goes on to say, “One of the goals of PSBA is to educate.  The exhibit offers an opportunity for members to learn first-hand about the process of curating a show.  In addition, the organization sponsors a photo shoot for member’s and advice on preparing an artists’ statement.”

An Gates, Head Curator for this year’s exhibition said, “It has been exciting to work with the artists in this year's exhibition and to see their work as it was submitted. Each year's exhibition has shown growth in technique and ideation among our members and 2015 continues this tradition.”  The 2015 curatorial team An Gates, Lynne Knopp, Jan Ward and Kim Izenman would also like to thank all of the artists who chose to participate in this exhibition, along with The University of Puget Sound Collins Memorial Library…particularly Library Director Jane Carlin, graphic designer Jeanne Young, Library Administrative Coordinator Jamie Spaine and photographer Ross Mulhausen for their continued support and generous hospitality.

We invite the public to enjoy our 5th anniversary exhibition and this year’s open public conversations about book arts. The exhibition catalogue will be available for purchase. Information about ordering will be available during the exhibition and on the PSBA blog site.

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