Student Employment

Collins Library employs students on an hourly basis in positions that are both challenging and responsible. The Library offers flexible work schedules for both the academic year and during the summer break.  Working at the Collins Library offers many opportunities and we support the concept that “you learn while working.”

For example, as a student employee you can:

  • Learn new communication and research skills
  • Assist with complex reference questions
  • Work with unique materials
  • Gain digital image and technology skills
  • Build webpages
  • Curate exhibits
  • Design programs and graphics
  • Learn new software programs and applications
  • Assist with management of our internal acquisitions, cataloging and circulation systems

Take a minute to read about the work experiences of several of our current employees:

Molly Brown:  Abby Williams Hill Collection - Digital Humanities Projects Specialist

"As a Digital Humanities Assistant for the Abby Williams Collection I have accrued a wide array of skills in relation to a very specific scope of research. In the past year of my work at the library I have not only had the privilege of working closely with a specific archival collection, but I have learned the manifold ways that the information derived from a collection can be presented. I have worked closely with Google Maps Engine Lite and History Pin in order to use geographical metadata to more suitably showcase the Abby Williams Hill collection. In tandem with my historic geospatial education I developed the distinct skill of extracting data from the collection and imposing it into a larger narrative. In less than a year I have "put history on the map" and wrote my own original research on an archival collection, which is something I had hoped to accomplish in graduate work, but have been lucky enough to be able to do at Collins Memorial Library."

Marissa IrishAdministrative and Special Projects Assistant

"While working for Collins Memorial Library, I have been exposed to many different sides of the workplace. While I typically work more behind the scenes, ensuring the functioning of the library through administrative tasks, I have had many opportunities to grow my customer service skills as well by helping patrons at library events. I have developed my skills in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign through opportunities to design posters and signs for the library, and have also worked on creative projects, like artwork, to make the library a more welcoming place."

Kara Flynn: Wikipedian-in-Residence

"Working in the archives has taught me some truly invaluable skills. Archival work necessitates patience and attention to detail, which has helped me to think carefully and critically about the projects I work on. Additionally, working in the archives can be very individual work, which often means that I have had to come up with creative solutions and think outside of the box. While I have done quite a bit of research for classes, working with archival materials has helped me to develop my research skills when using primary materials. I have honed my writing skills by writing blog posts and Wikipedia entries using information from our collections. I have learned how to process archival collections and enter them into Archivist toolkit, and as a result, have learned about a variety of different historical periods and events.  I have also had the opportunity to plan and lead an event at the library, which taught me a whole different set of skills, and helped me to become more comfortable with public speaking."


In addition, the Collins Library is dedicated to quality service and recognizing the significant contributions of our student employees.  Each year we offer the Student Excellence in Action Award. This award recognizes students that demonstrate a strong work ethic, show initiative and contribute to programs and services of the Collins Library.

Students interested in working in the Collins Library should contact Career and Employment Services. Most positions in the library require a federal or state work-study award.  In general, student positions are scheduled for an average of 9 hours per week.

For additional information or questions regarding student job opportunities or the application process, interested students may contact CES or email Jamie Spaine