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University Historical Collections

Years: 1889 - Present

Selected documents from the Archives & Special Collections, which serves as a resource center for the study of the history of the University of Puget Sound.

Students, faculty, visiting scholars, and members of the public with research inquiries are welcome to consult the Archives & Special Collections. An overview of the contents of the collection is available at Collins Memorial Library.


Note: Some documents in these collections reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times. Neither the library nor the university endorses all the views expressed in these collections, some of which may contain materials offensive to some readers.


University Historical Texts
Years: 1895 - 1987


A selection of histories and primary source documents from the University of Puget Sound.

University of Puget Sound Bulletins
Years: 1907 - Present


A collection of University Bulletins from 1907 - present.

University of Puget Sound Ephemera

Years: 1888 - Present

The University of Puget Sound Ephemera include invitations, public announcements, programs, and advertising material for the University of Puget Sound. 




Wing & Tail Image Collection of the Slater Museum of Natural History

Years: 1930s -1990s   

Wing & Tail Image Collection

The original collection of wing images was taken or scanned between 1997-2005.



Writing Excellence Award Winners
Years: 2009 - Present

To encourage and reward good writing in all disciplines, the University of Puget Sound awards Writing Excellence prizes on an annual basis.