Library Excellence in Action Student Employee Award

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The Excellence in Action Library Student Employee Award was established in 2012 to recognize three student employees who demonstrate outstanding commitment to their work and excellence in job performance. 


  • Student must have been employed for at least one semester
  • Student's supervisor must support the nomination

Evaluation Criteria

  • Attendance:  shows commitment, dedication and good time management skills
  • Demonstrates excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrates professionalism and high standards of performance
  • Sets a good example for other student employees
  • Interest, initiative, and follow through:  looks for projects and expresses interest in learning about the library
  • Ongoing commitment to the Collins Library demonstrated by length of service

Nomination Process
Library staff are invited to nominate students for the award.  A library committee has been set up to review applications and recommend the awards.  The awards will be announced at the April Student Employee Recognition event and by a surprise prize patrol!”