Library Excellence in Action Student Employee 2014 Winners

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Congratulations to Ariana Lim, Marissa Irish, and Shaylynn Nelson, winners of the 2014 Library Excellence in Action Student Employee Awards!

 Ariana Lim (Access Services), Supervisor: Chris Dowd
Ariana served in the position of Senior Assistant at the library circulation desk for the academic year 2013-2014. She was the person solely responsible for opening the library on Saturday morning and staffing the circulation desk between 9am-12:30pm. There was complete trust in Ariana’s ability to faithfully open the library.

Her strong knowledge of services offered to patrons and functions of the library circulation area make her a real asset to the circulation department. Her friendly, helpful, and positive attitude was always on display and showed in the excellent customer service she provided.


Marissa Irish (Administration), Supervisor(s): Jane Carlin, Jamie Spaine

Marissa Irish is a student employee in the library administration office.  She is responsible for a variety of projects including web and signage updates, poster design and assisting with exhibition set-up and labels.  Over the last year she has assisted with planning of the Rocking Chair Reading programs as well as assisted with the installation and promotion of the Al-Mutanabbi Street exhibit. She was instrumental in providing support for a one day symposium held on campus on The Art of the Book, attended by over 70 people from across the region. She is well-organized and often offers suggestions for new projects and processes.  She demonstrates creativity and initiative and is always looking for new projects.

Shaylynn Nelson (RMS), Supervisor: Carmel Thompson
Shaylynn has been a model student employee since she started here in the fall of 2010. As a periodicals assistant she has kept our area running smoothly, taking care of the day-to-day tasks of checking in journals and newspapers, shelving, and handling issues for in-house and professional binding.

She is always willing to help on any project. Her attention to detail means she’s been tapped to assist on a variety of database cleanup sweeps, checking holdings, and verifying online access to thousands of publications. She navigates our serial vendor’s customer service site to claim missing issues, logs in to our Journal Locator to maintain records, and enters journal statistics into our Access database. Last summer she worked fulltime for us in RMS which involved learning to process new library materials. She has truly become indispensable.

Her easy going personality, and eagerness to come to work each day is noticed by everyone who has worked with her. Shaylynn is a stellar student employee and much deserving of special recognition for her four years of dedicated service to the Collins Library.