Library Excellence in Action Student Employee 2016 Winners

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Congratulations to Olivia Anderson, Sophia Asing-Yuen, and Jared Honda, winners of the 2016 Library Excellence in Action Student Employee Awards!



Olivia Anderson (Senior): Interlibrary Loan Assistant, Circulation Services. Olivia has been an exemplary assistant and an asset to the Interlibrary Loan team since she started in the fall of 2013.  She comes to work with a positive attitude and is ready to work.  When we had new ILL assistants, she helped with training.  She checks the ILLiad menus and ILL stations to prioritize what needs to be done that day and jumps right in!  Whether it is look-up, shipping items, processing ILL emails, or receiving packages, Olivia can get a lot done during her shifts.  She makes sure that the articles she scans and sends to other libraries are clear and legible.  When she receives loans for UPS patrons, she makes sure that those items are in the system correctly and on the hold shelf in a timely manner.  Olivia has an exceptional work ethic.  If processing was low, she asks if there are any projects to work on. Over her career at UPS she has received over 750 articles and loans and processed over 350 returns.  She has also processed over 1,850 lending articles and over 675 loans. 


Sophia Asing-Yuen (Senior): Collection Development Assistant, RMS. Sophia is an exemplary provider of service.  In her role as the Collection Development Assistant, she has been assigned a number of disparate tasks.  She has recommended books for the Popular Reading Collection, created bibliographies, inventoried books, gathered statistics, created and edited spreadsheets, checked electronic resource holdings, written blog entries and created Powerpoint slides.  She undertakes all projects assigned with grace, and she works quickly and accurately. She has demonstrated that the Popular Reading Collection, a collection created for the enjoyment of students, can be successfully managed by engaged student cooperation.  Her energy and professionalism are noteworthy.


Jared Honda (Senior): Circulation Desk Assistant. Jared is always very professional and courteous on the job.  He manages to juggle classes, work, plus football. At the circulation desk, Jared is pro-active and always displays a friendly positive attitude.  He will very regularly stop in the office to say hello and goodbye to the staff. A commitment to the library is demonstrated by the 4 years he has worked here. Attendance is excellent especially considering Jared’s other commitments.  Subbing for co-workers and displaying team spirit are among his work skill strengths.