Library Excellence in Action Student Employee Awards 2022

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Congratulations to winners of the 2022 Library Excellence in Action Student Employee Awards!

Kayla Frye (Public Services)
Tristan Gaeta
Austin Glock (Public Services)
Rocio Guevara Perez
(Public Services)

student - KFKayla Frye (Public Services)

It is my honor to nominate Kayla Frye for the Library Student Employee Excellence in Action award. Though Kayla has worked in multiple positions in Public Services, including being a great desk assistant and reserves/bookings assistant, I would like to highlight her work in Interlibrary Loan. Kayla has mastered ILL procedures and continues to show excellence in her work. She is part of a team that is responsible for processing incoming print and electronic materials for our Puget Sound patrons and processing print and electronic materials to be shipped to other libraries. She has assisted in training of new assistants for both desk and Interlibrary loan work by either taking students on a tour or showing them ILL or desk procedures.

She is always a pleasure to work with--always a smile or friendly word. She is the ultimate professional! She is never flustered! Even when there are 70+ lending requests in the queue.  She comes in and processes them one by one--scanning documents (on the flatbed & microform scanner), uploading and sending PDFs electronically, and retrieving, checking out and packaging loans to be shipped. For our Puget Sound patrons, she makes sure that incoming electronic documents, print loans, and media items are processed in a timely fashion. Also, the first thing she does when she begins her shift is to check the ILL returns shelf and prepares those items for return to the lending libraries. This is a best practice that is always helpful so the ILL returns shelf is kept tidy and items are returned promptly.  

Kayla has great attendance, is dedicated and is extremely reliable. On days when we receive a lot of incoming mail to process, I know that I don't have to worry about it because Kayla will process the items correctly and swiftly. We were lucky to have her work last summer with us and will be lucky again to have her work with us this summer. She will be graduating in December and we will truly miss her and her expertise!

Student - T.G.Tristan Gaeta (RMS)

Tristan has been working in RMS for several years now assisting the Electronic Resources Librarian with a variety of projects and is in his Junior year at the University of Puget Sound.  He is a flexible worker who is always willing to take on new jobs - even when they involve detail and repetitiveness, or staying on task when working remotely. He is gracious in taking on new projects and has worked on additional assignments with skill and accuracy.  Tristan updates electronic journals in the library system and tests links to make sure that the campus community can access electronic materials. This requires a lot of detail within the library system. He also works on inventory with the physical collection. He considers new ways to work on projects and brings them to our attention. He can be counted on to arrive on time and every day of his work schedule.

Student - AGAustin Glock (Public Services)

Though I met Austin while I was working as a library student assistant and we remained good acquaintances throughout my undergraduate career, I didn’t get him to know that well until this academic year when I had an opportunity to work with him closely as the evening supervisor. From the day one, he not only has amazed me with his humility, dedication to the library mission, professionalism, and his remarkable humor. But also his willingness to tackle any problem that he has faced with such ease and a sort of “Yes, we can” attitude. In addition, Austin is a person who is not afraid to demonstrate his leadership skills and help other library student employees with a certain project or question they might have. And, most importantly, Austin is a young man who regularly impresses you with his ability to think critically, to do his analysis independently, and then present you with the solutions including benefits and shortcomings of each.

If we look at each evaluation criteria for the award separately, Austin excels in each category. He always shows up on time, shows commitment to work, and completes all of the tasks he has been assigned in a timely manner. He is an individual that arrives to the office and informs me that his shift is starting, asks me what his responsibilities are this evening, and immediately starts working on his project. The same is true when he is at the desk and when he is providing service and instructions to the patrons inquiring about specific service the library is offering, just picking up their hold or needing call number for a specific title, or simply needing an immediate assistance with a printer, computer, or PaperCut, to name the few. Finally, he sets an amazing example to other students, both the ones that are just starting with us and those that have been with us for a few semesters. He always asks questions when he is unsure how to resolve a problem and he always sets a bar extremely high for any project we are working on.

Austin Glock has set the bar extremely high and has become an indispensable member of our team. His dedication to the Library profession, professionalism, and love of books and his career (physics) is really admirable. I’m confident that someday we might see Austin receiving a Noble Prize in Physics from the Swedish King or Medal of Freedom from the United States President. But, for now, there is no better award to honor his contribution to our department than the Library Excellence in Action Student Employee Award.

Student RGPRocio Guevara Perez (Public Services)

Rocio’s an excellent teacher, and is dedicated to serving her community. She’s been a calm and welcoming presence at the front desk throughout the pandemic; successfully navigating the sea change in library procedures and clearly explaining new policies to patrons. Rocio is professional; friendly and easy going, yet serious when it comes to helping patrons and co-workers. Rocio gets what working in a library means.

She is also an expert in Alma, Primo, shelving, and shelf reading. When there is a new project that needs being done, all she needs is a quick explanation from a supervisor. You’ll hear “I got it!” and you can be guaranteed that it’ll be done. She arrives ready to work, is smart, thoughtful, and able to pick up new things quickly. When we started the OCR for Canvas service last Fall everyone agreed that Rocio would be perfect to work on it. She understood the assignment, and learned how to use ABBYY (a complicated, multi-faceted application) with no trouble at all. 

I love that she always checks in to say goodbye before heading out, and I love checking in with Rocio to see what she has going on. She’s an amazing, multi-talented person, majoring in Classics (heading to Greece this summer!), and she has a full ride scholarship at Puget Sound. She’s also a Cosmetologist, directly involved with her community (last summer she interned with United Way), and has great taste in music, food, and books. One afternoon she came down from shelf-reading carrying a large stack of books. I commented, “Wow, that’s a lot of books that were out of order!” Rocio said, “Actually, these are for me!” Rocio is an avid scholar, and an integral staff member here at the library. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with her.