Library Excellence in Action Student Employee 2013 Winners

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Congratulations to Auna Lundberg, Vanessa Corwin andToria Messinger, winners of the 2013 Library Excellence in Action Student Employee Awards!


Auna Lundberg (Access Services) Supervisor: Chris Dowd
Monday through Friday morning, bright and early at 7:30, Auna is full of energy and ready to begin her shelving shift.  She pays careful attention to detail and keeps a close eye out for things that need to be done, and sees that they are taken care of.  Helping out with circulation functions such as checking out books and answering questions for patrons is just a small part of how Auna helps her co-workers.  She has such a positive energy and cares about the Collins Library, often offering suggestions and ideas on how to improve things.

 Her attendance and promptness are very impressive.  Auna has very strong organizational skills which make her a great asset to the library.  She has asked to have inventory sheets printed out so that she can make sure the music section is in good order.  The music section is one of the more difficult areas of the collection to maintain and Auna has done an excellent job.

We are lucky to have such a great student worker!


Vanessa Corwin (RMS) Supervisors: Willow Berntsen, Hilary Robbeloth
Vanessa is a senior this year and has worked in Cataloging for 4 years, with the exception of Spring 2012 when she studied abroad.

Vanessa is Cataloging’s veteran Fastcat student and has seen and touched approximately 19,000 cataloged library items in her time here!  Vanessa faces all aspects of her job—challenging or easy, with enthusiasm and willingness and a high level of efficiency.  She also shares her knowledge with our other cataloging students and engagingly answers their questions.

She has worked on many projects this year, including creating template records for 260 Honors Theses, importing bib records of some of the Asian gift books, and most recently assisting with the inventory of the Documents paper collection.

Vanessa’s 4 years of dedicated service to the Collins Library deserves special recognition!


Toria Messinger - Supervisor(s): Jada Pelger, Lori Ricigliano
Toria’s enthusiasm and willingness to take on any project makes her a true asset to the library.  She enjoys learning new aspects of working in the library and provides assistance to all members of the library staff and her student staff colleagues. 

Toria is very thoughtful in how she approaches her work to ensure that tasks are done correctly.  In addition, her exuberant personality and friendly demeanor make her a joy to have on staff.