Library Excellence in Action Student Employee 2017 Winners

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Congratulations to Eden Ehrmann, Katherine (Kat) Tannehill, and Hannah Zimmerman, winners of the 2017 Library Excellence in Action Student Employee Awards!



Eden Ehrmann (Senior): Interlibrary Loan Assistant.

Eden is an exceptional employee. Over the years, we have relied on her expertise in understanding the lending and most of the borrowing processes for interlibrary loan. She learns very quickly and is able to come into work, review the situation, prioritize, and complete what needs to be done. She has a great command of how to use ILLiad, our ILL management system, and has always been able to learn new procedures with ease. Throughout the years, she has attended our ILL orientations and review sessions, assisted in training new ILL assistants, and she has always been willing to work on special projects like logging the US Mail sheets into MS Excel. She is extremely responsible and reliable. She asks good questions and is very productive. Whether it's scanning journals, processing incoming books, outgoing books, or scanning microform, she can always get a lot completed during her shifts. We've always appreciated Eden's outgoing personality. She has always been personable and respectful to staff members, patrons, and her coworkers. We've enjoyed her participation in our office discussions about the topic of the day. Eden has been an outstanding member of the ILL team and deserves this Library Employee Excellence in Action Award.



Katherine (Kat) Tannehill (Junior): Circulation Desk Assistant.

Kat began working at the circulation desk as a freshman. During her time working in customer service she has developed strong communication and customer service sills. She has enhanced her knowledge of library policies and software programs. Kat takes pride in her work and demonstrates a friendly attitude toward library patrons and co-workers. Being reliable is demonstrated in her good attendance and the fact that she substitutes for co-workers. Kat has shown her ability to take the time to find out what a patron is asking and then follow through to give them expert advice. Helping show new student workers the operations of the circulation desk is one way Kat has demonstrated her ability to work well with others and take on a leadership role.



Hannah Zimmerman (Senior): Library Administration Office Assistant. Hannah has been a great employee over the many years she has worked in the library. We all know how important it is to have an employee that is always willing to pitch in and take on a job big or small. From doing mail runs in the pouring rain, to helping organize and maintain workspaces, to emptying recycling – Hannah cheerfully takes on these less glamourous tasks, while at the same time stepping up to the plate with more administrative work such as helping plan and organize events, creating posters, pulling together materials for displays and helping with the Saturday Morning story hour. She maintains confidentiality with library financial and personnel information and always follows up. She has assisted in training students in lots of operational activities which is a big help to us! On a personal note, Hannah is very involved with her Sorority and is the principle manager of the Red Dress Gala, a fundraiser to raise money to support women’s heart research. She has great communication and listening skills and is a pleasure to work with!