Library Excellence in Action Student Employee 2018 Winners

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Congratulations to Eden Dameron, Carlisle Huntington, Sarah Peyer-Nelson and Connor Wilson, winners of the 2018 Library Excellence in Action Student Employee Awards!


Eden Dameron (Junior): Circulation Desk and Shelving Assistant.

Eden has worked in the Access Services Department during her time at the Collins Library.  For the past several years, she has worked in the library splitting her time between shelving and the circulation desk. She always comes to work with a positive attitude! She always has a smile on her face and cordially greets staff and co-workers and is a team player.  Eden is very proactive and makes certain that desk tasks are accomplished and that books are shelved in a timely manner.  She checks out all possible courses of action before making an informed decision – when in doubt she does not hesitate to seek assistance from staff.  Without complaint, she dusts shelves and accomplishes book inventories.  She has grown in both jobs during her 3 years working at the library and has become very skillful in using Alma, Primo and the library catalog. She is willing to help with whatever job might be asked of her.  Eden’s assistance has provided a great benefit to the library.

Carlisle H.

Carlisle Huntington (Sophomore): Library Administration Office Assistant.
Carlisle is an outstanding student employee. This is her second year working in the Administration Office for the Library Director, Jane Carlin and the Administrative Coordinator, Jamie Spaine.  The enthusiasm with which she approaches her work and her creativity is a huge asset to this office as we host exhibits, guest speakers and implement different displays and projects throughout the library. She has a variety of job skills that she brings to the table from strong computer skills, attention to detail and independent thinking.  This semester she has served as a mentor to our new student employees. She has taken on a variety of projects including: the design of posters and bookmarks, exhibit labels and installation, writing for the Library blog, displays of books in the Learning Commons and updating library signage.  Recently she has worked on some Makerspace activities with button making, handbook making and Needlework. When given a project she approaches it with diligence. She shows initiative in learning new software and being creative with design.  We are very fortunate to have such a great student employee!

Sarah P.

Sarah Peyer-Nelson (Senior): Govt. Documents/Cataloging, Systems and Discovery Assistant.
Sarah has worked in a variety of different jobs during her time here at Collins Library. She worked in Government Documents and Cataloging during a transition period of the major reduction in Government Documents. She was one of the first students brought into Alma when the library migrated to Ex Libris, and she progressed from the cataloging aspect to Systems content. While working in Government Documents she assisted with checking in microfiche and shelving the maps, and then worked tirelessly checking spreadsheets for items for discard and marking the records in Alma. Sarah is always punctual, asks questions when unsure and does great work in Alma and for the library. This year she stepped up to the challenge of moving into a new position helping with systems and discovery. She is a quick study and learns new things very quickly. She has excelled at Excel, leapt into LibGuides and really connected with OCLC Connexion. On top of that she is trustworthy and responsible, has excellence attendance and takes her work seriously! She has a knack for librarianship so we hope she considers this career field upon graduation! She will be missed.

 Connor W.

Connor Wilson (Senior): Security Assistant.

Connor has been just brilliant as a Security Assistant each year he has been here.  In spite of a jam-packed schedule and being a physics student with loads of physics and math homework and exams (and this year he’s an RA, too!), he is consistently here when scheduled, always pleasant and courteous, is great at doing his rounds when he arrives and several times after that each evening, notices even the smallest details to add to the building reports, assists with closing without being asked, is a wonderful co-worker to all of our students and staff, and is an overall stand-up guy.  He even calmly and competently fills in at the Circulation Desk if our Desk assistants are not here!  He has always taken his position seriously, been a model student assistant, and has kept his sense of humor and perspective no matter what.  We know that when he is here we are in good hands.  He will be so missed when he graduates this May and will leave a high bar for other Security Assistants to meet.  If anyone deserves this award it has to be him.