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Image Collections and Services

The University of Puget Sound’s Image Collections for Teaching have migrated from slides and an online collection in ContentDM to a non-profit international subscription service called ARTstor.

ARTstor  is a library of digital images of works of art and many other cultural materials, descriptive information about the works recorded in these images, and tools to work with the images and their documentation. ARTstor currently includes over 1.6 million digital images covering art, architecture, archaeology, the humanities, sciences and other areas, from a wide range of cultures and time periods, with strengths in European, American and Asian cultures, and increasingly in other areas as well. ARTstor offers the advantage of one-stop shopping, combing access to images that otherwise would have to be tracked down from many separate sites (e.g, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection).

Puget Sound users can access and download these images as well as the over 16000 that have been created in house and added to ARTstor. Should you not find what you want in ARTstor, you can request images from other sources scanned, for your own academic use or as additions to our in-house ARTstor contributions. Please contact the Library's Visual Resources Specialist Angela Weaver (253.879.3229)

ARTstor  Features

Create collections (Image Groups) of images that can be saved for future review or presentation. Image Groups can be created in public or private folders. Public folders can be shared for collaboration and review by other ARTstor users.

Create presentations using online and offline presentation tools with which you can project and view your ARTstor Image Groups. You can add your own personal images to an offline presentation. Notes and comments can be private or shared with other ARTstor users and are searchable as well.

Create links to ARTstor images and Image Groups for access through course reserves and other websites. ARTstor can generate Web addresses (URLs) that will allow other ARTstor users to jump directly into an Image Group you’ve created, or an image that you want to highlight.


What you need to get started

Access to ARTstor is available at

Before you begin using ARTstor make sure your computer has the following System Requirements.

Register with ARTstor. Users of ARTstor must register, free when using your Puget Sound address, by creating a user name and password. Registration permits you to download and add personal notes to images and save groups of images for future reference. For registration go to the welcoming page and click on the register tab in the upper right.

Instructor Privileges. Faculty and instructors are eligible for a higher level of access that will allow for the creation of Image Groups that can be shared with students or colleagues. Please contact the Library’s Arts Liaison Angela Weaver for a password.

What you can do after starting

For Detailed Help see ARTstor Help Topics. You can also contact ARTstor directly by using the FAQ link.

Permitted uses

ARTstor is for educational and scholarly uses only. Please check the Permitted Uses page.


 New Puget Sound resource added to ARTstor

 The Collins Library in collaboration with the Department of Art and Art History is pleased to announce that the capstone work of Puget Sound senior art students will now be made available online through the Artstor Digital Library, a nonprofit resource that provides over 1.8 million digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences with an accessible suite of software tools for teaching and research.

This project documents the capstone experiences of art majors and the current collection includes students from 2013 and 2014.

Over time this collection will grow to showcase the work of Puget Sound students each year.  This initiative provides increased visibility and access to the work of Puget Sound students.  Prospective students will be able to browse student work through access to the Shared Shelf, an open collection of digital images.  Puget Sound students and faculty will have the added advantage of being able to search for senior images along with the entire ARTstor database of over 1.6 million images.    Images are available through two paths:

  1. For Puget Sound faculty and students:  You can search the entire ARTstor database, which will include all senior show images. 
  2. For Open Access – including visitors, individuals off campus and prospective students:  Puget Sound senior images are also included in ARTstor's Shared Shelf Commons.  This option provides the general public access to the images and gives a wide visibility to our student work: