Nights at the Museum

The Slater Museum of Natural History is dedicated to sharing its collections with the Puget Sound and Tacoma-area communities.  

"Nights at the Museum" run September-December and February-May. 

Our Nights at the Museum are designed to give visitors an insider look at the research and teaching specimens that make up the Slater Museum of Natural History. Each Night at the Museum features a subset of the collection, including touchable artifacts. That's right, even YOU can touch a Sumatran Tiger skull or hold a Golden Eagle! 

Our events regularly draw over 200 people from the Tacoma area and campus community. We love to see students who were visited by our Nature in the Classroom program present at our events! 

Thanks to a fruitful partnership, we regularly have special guest live animals from the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. 

Upcoming events:

  • February 13th - Darwin's 211th Birthday Bash!
    • Have you ever wondered what life was like thousands, or even millions of years ago?  How did that transform into the Earth we know today?  And how might our planet and its inhabitants look like in the future? Join us as we celebrate the Father of Evolution's 211th birthday and explore how his discoveries aboard the HMS Beagle have transformed the way we think about our world!
    • This is a free-family friendly event.  Please visit our Facebook page for more information.
  • March 26th - The Guinness Book of World Records: Critter edition!
  • April 16th - Creatures of the Pacific Northwest

Event details will be updated on an individual basis- always check back for more info!

For a better idea of what our events are like, check out our past Nights at the Museum.

The Slater Museum can be found on the University of Puget Sound Campus at 1500 N Warner St, Tacoma, WA 99416 in Thompson Hall room 295. Directions to Thompson Hall can be found here.